Rabu, 06 Juli 2022

Rumpi di Museum (Gossip at Museum)

Our visit this Saturday was different. 

Don't you see those gossiping things always come out when gathering with your friends or colleagues? Sometimes, it could be fun and attach us to a better friendship. But, sometimes it goes wrong and even ruins a friendship too and leads to hatred.

But? It won't occur with our School of Peace that always comes for the youth with peace and other social issues to gossip about. We still gossip, but that Saturday we did so about history. Yes, the history that emerged from our lovely city, Bandung, that was successfully creating an important landmark for peace and conflict resolution. History will always remember that Indonesia had just celebrated its independence with the risk of haunting colonialism since 1945. At the same time, many Asian African countries were still under colonialism as well, encouraging a lot of parties in the world to think of eradicating it while developing peace for the countries. It is believed that people all around the world are equal and deserve just as well as fair treatment and respect as a part of human rights. 

Conflicts that lead to wars always cause various drawbacks and end with the superiority of the country that starts them. Meanwhile, human rights degradation usually occurs. With a series of concerns, Indonesia took a lead in 1955 to invite Asian African countries to the Asian African Conference that was conducted in Bandung. 

And, that Saturday was our walk and gossip accompanied by the Museum educator in the Asian African Conference Museum, to figure out the history behind the conference and to remember that the meeting was a milestone for reaching peace on behalf of human rights principles and equity for all. 

By Fanny Syariful Alam

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